A Campground As An Investment

April 5th, 2014

Some friends and I wanted to invest our money into a business. We didn’t have a lot of money individually, put pulled together, we thought we could buy a fairly good size and profitable business. What we didn’t expect was to buy a campground.

When we saw a campground for sale in our area, at first we dismissed it. We had nothing against camping but it seemed like the sort of thing that would require more work and time than we wanted to put into it. Plus, it was a large campground and we thought it would be out of our price range. I’m so glad one of my friends took it upon himself to investigate the campground, because it turns out, not only was it in good condition and profitable, but it was well within our price range. Although those things made the campground interesting to us, it still didn’t solve the dilemma of who would run the campground. All of us had jobs and no real experience running a campground but we knew it would need a caretaker who could be there 24/7.

When the seller found out about our reservations, he had the perfect solution. It turns out for several years he had been using a handy-man who seemed to really like the campground but was not able to afford to buy it. After speaking with the handy-man, my friends and I were able to hire him as the full-time campground manager in exchange for letting him live in the old owner’s home and a small salary.

The campground has been a great investment and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an investment property. In a few years, with the profits we’ve made we plan to invest in another campground.