Do you want celebrity hair?

Have you ever wandered just how all the celebrities are able to achieve such amazing hair? Yes, they have stylists, but let me let you in on their little secret: Hair Extensions. That’s right, it’s not actually all their own hair. Hair extensions are a great way for you to achieve celebrity looking hair, without having your own personal stylist.

Hair extensions are fast becoming an every day fashion accessory and when it comes to hair extensions, there are so many options. Some are labelled as semi-permanent extensions and are actually bonded to your own existing hair. These generally last for no longer than six months and require a professional hairdresser to put them in. There are many different kinds of semi-permanent hair extensions, each with a slightly different application but but the fundamentals are basically the same. These kinds of extensions are generally more expensive and can be damaging to your own hair in the long run. Another kind of hair extensions though, are clip in hair extensions. These are simply clipped in when you want and then removed when not needed. This can be done by yourself at home, without a hairdresser, making them a far more convenient option.

When looking for clip in hair extensions you will be faced with two options; human hair or synthetic hair. The synthetic option, while cheaper in price, is not as highly sought after due to the fact that the hair may easily be damaged when styled or heat is applied or even through excessive sun exposure. Human hair though, can be styled how you please and will withstand any treatment your normal hair can. Also, if well looked after, a good set of clip in human hair extensions may last you up to two years.

The real benefits of clip in hair extensions is that you can achieve extra length and volume without having to spend a small fortune and without having to have someone do it for you. Clip in hair extensions come in multi-clip wefts that are able to be clipped in yourself with minimal effort or time but with maximum results. They can also be used to add extra volume to up-styles and ponytails, or to create different looks such as adding a fringe or bangs. So try a set of clip in hair extensions next time you’re wanting more from your hair, and achieve that celebrity look you’ve dreamed of.

The Benefits of a Pram Liner

What benefits can you gain by purchasing a removable pram liner for your pram? Well, ask yourself: do you want to get the maximum life out of your pram? Do you want to provide your child with added comfort? Do you want to limit any time spent cleaning your pram? I’m sure you answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions, so here’s the facts.

Purchasing a pram liner will increase the life of your pram. A pram liner gives your pram extra protection from dirt and grass, food and drink spills and from sweat and nappy ‘accidents’, all of which will have a negative affect on the longevity of your pram.

Cleaning prams can be tiresome and difficult, as most don’t come with removable or washable parts, meaning you are left to sponge out any spills or mess that occurs in them. Using a pram liner however will reduce the cleaning, if any, your pram requires.

A good quality pram liner will not only keep your pram clean, but will also give your baby or child added cushioning while they ride in their pram. Many prams, while offering good support for your baby or child, don’t offer the added cushioning and comfort that a pram liner can. The addition of a high quality pram liner to your pram will ensure that despite the terrain, you baby or child will remain comfortable.

The many fabrics that a pram liner can be made out of can also benefit your baby or child. Using a liner that is made from natural fibres such as cotton can also contribute to the well being of your child or baby, as cotton is durable and lightweight and designed to help draw moisture away from the skin, which is especially useful in the warmer months when children and babies sweat more.

Pram liners made from quality and durable fabrics also mean that your pram liner should be able to be machine washed. This added bonus means that not only is your pram liner helping to prolong the life of your pram but that it is also an easy and convenient way to do so.

What to Look For When Purchasing a Baby Bean Bag

Baby bean bags are specially designed bean bags for your baby. They may come in a range of colours, patterns and fabrics but their overall design is generally the same. When purchasing one for your baby or as a gift for someone else, there are a few things to consider. Firstly you need to make sure that the bean bag meets the industry safety standards for your country. The standards do vary depending on your country of origin. If purchasing in Australia, you will need to be assured that the baby bean bag meets the ACCC standards.

Safety zippers. All bean bags must be fitted with a safety zipper where ever there is an opening that allows access to the bean filling. This safety zipper has had its tags removed and can only be opened by inserting a paper clip into the zipper mechanism. This mandatory feature means that babies and young children cannot access the bean bag filling, which may be harmful as it posses a choking hazard.

Safety harness. If you are intending to use your baby bean bag for your toddler or young child, then the safety harness will not be needed. However, baby bean bags are actually designed to be used from birth, so if you are using it for your newborn or young baby, then you will need to ensure that it comes with an appropriate safety harness. The safety harness will ensure that your baby cannot roll off the bean bag and injure themselves. All safety harnesses should be adjustable to fit babies of all different sizes and weights and should have a strong clasp or clip that cannot be opened by young children.

Inner liner. Not all baby bean bags come with an inner liner, but they are a great feature to have. An inner liner is like the bladder of the bean bag and is what actually holds the beans. It is filled and then zipped up with its safety zipper. It then fits snugly inside the baby bean bag, which also has a safety zipper as an added precaution.

Waterproof exterior. Having a baby bean bag with a waterproof exterior is an added bonus. This feature means that no spills or moisture will be able to penetrate the bean bag and ensures that the bean filling stays dry. Mould may develop unknowingly to you, if the filling gets wet or becomes damp.

Different baby bean bags will come with different features depending on the brand and fabrics used. Knowing what you want from the product or what features you want it to include, will make purchasing one a lot easier.


There is nothing more splendid than a wedding day that is what I believe! Whenever I am invited to a marriage ceremony or happen or see wedding pictorials around, I cannot help but wonder what started these beautiful celebrations. I began to become curious particularly with what makes the bride look so regal: the bridal tiara.
I find it fascinating how far bridal tiaras have made in wedding fashion. The influence of tiaras began since the Ancient Greek women wanted to compete with their goddesses. It eventually became an inheritance amongst the royals worldwide. It was not until the 1920s that women of all classes would wear tiaras for special occasions such as weddings. The bridal tiaras of Kelly Clarkson and Laura Bush have become popular in today’s wedding trends.
I have also discovered that there is a not-so-secret dilemma in finding the perfect bridal tiara. One piece of advice is to pair it with the wedding dress. I’ve heard many stories of friends and relatives who made the HUGE mistake of buying their wedding accessories before their ideal dress. Some forced themselves to find a dress that would suit their bridal tiara rather than the other way. Some had to buy another bridal tiara hurting their budget. It is essential to prioritize the wedding dress first, and then find a beautiful bridal tiara that will top it off. Another note would be: keep a budget in mind. The tightest budget you may work with is a minimum of $50. Local boutiques may help with appealing bridal tiaras, but online shops offer more varieties of styles.

Bridal tiaras are the jewels of a wedding. I can’t imagine a bride without one for it’s the tiara that makes her the eye of the ball. The beauty of an event is indeed in the small details that complete it. A perfect bridal tiara is one of the wedding details one cannot live without.

Giving Your Husband A Mens Ring

Gift time for my hubby is one of the more stressful times of my year, I never really know what special present to buy for him. Unfortunately for me, he doesn’t get into sports and has no major hobbies (unless computer games count!). This year was no different, in the lead up to his birthday I kept asking myself what on earth do I get him? After researching and researching I decided on a mens rings siteITR-151 that is Australian based. I selected a black titanium mens ring for his thumb and with a sigh of relief, he wears it every day so I guess he loves it (or doesn’t want to offend me).

The reason I loved shopping for a mens ring on their site was because they offered a lot of helpful information so I could determine what was going to be the best metal and design for my hubby. They also have a 60 day day exchange/returns policy so I felt really safe knowing if he didn’t like it, I could just simply return it. The biggest thing I noticed when shopping on different mens ring sites online, was a lot are really cluttered and hard to navigate. This site was super clean and the drop down menus basically handed me the perfect band. If you are lost and trying to find a gift for your hubby, dad or brother I suggest you pay these guys a visit, it will be worth it.

Claddagh Ring for Survivor

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly five years ago. She has battled long and hard against this disease. She is currently in remission and is coming up on a big anniversary against the disease. I decided that I wanted to do something really special for her to let her know she has my undying love and support against this disease. I could not be more proud of my sister and her strength.

I search everywhere for the right gift for her. I did not want to get her any jewelry with the pink ribbon symbol on it. She has tons of that stuff, and I wanted this to be unique. I didn’t want it to be constant reminder of the disease or her battle, but to be a symbol of her strength and my support.

I happened to see a claddagh ring in a jewelry catalog. I read that the infinity ring is supposed to symbolize undying love and promises kept. I promised to always be at her side when she needed me, and I kept to that promise. She promised me that she knew it wasn’t her time yet, and that she would never give up the battle. She has not only kept that promise, but she has persevered in the battle. I can’t wait to present her with an infinity ring on her big anniversary. I hope she loves it. And I hope more than anything that someday this battle is nothing but a distant memory for her and I.

Having A Ball?

MMHQ522bThrowing a masquerade party seems fairly simple on the surface of things. Organise a venue, then send out the invitations right? Well, not necessarily. It’s really important to set some guidelines for the guests, so that they have some guidance when dressing and choosing a mask for the occasion. Speaking of the masks, there are two distinct types of masquerade balls you can have. An “open” masquerade ball means that guests can wear any masquerade mask they like, whereas a Venetian Carnivale masquerade requires that guests where a traditional venetian mask – which are stunning, but can be quite expensive. Make sure you know your guests well, and let them know clearly what your expectations are, and you’ll have a fun evening!

Own Too Many Fascinators?

FF115If you find yourself looking in your wardrobe and thinking that you may just have one too many fascinators, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. It usually starts with your first race day or some other formal event, when you first realise you should probably buy a fascinator to go with your dress. This is where you often make your first mistake, and that is buying a fascinator just to match that dress. If you do this, then every event after that (unless you wear the exact same dress to every event) you’ll feel compelled to buy yet another fascinator just for that specific dress. To avoid this, think ahead and buy fascinators that will match a variety of outfits and colours. Sticking with prime colours like black, white or red will mean that you can match the fascinator with a lot of different dresses in future!

– Tessa from

Types Of Bow Ties

Bow ties have traditionally been a male accessory which was worn instead of a necktie. The two ties may be interchangeable, but they have always had distinct functions.

According to historical information, the bowtie started out as a scarf worn by Croatian mercenaries. Its main purpose at the time was to cover the area left exposed by the shirt opening. The scarf tie eventually became a cravat and from there no one is really sure how it became a bowtie.

Bow ties have always been extremely popular among particular professions, such as attorneys, academics, politician and waiters. Many professional people wear bow ties simply as a way to avoid wearing a bothersome tie as it tends to hinder their profession. This is particularly so for the medical fraternity.

Bow ties have not retained their popularity over the years and for many years it was seen as an old-fashioned neck adornment. It has made a return to the fashion world and has become quite popular in the last few years.

You can obtain different styles of bowtie which require different methods of tying. Traditional bow ties were normally a longer piece of cloth which needed several knots and ties to complete the look. It has moved on from there to bow ties that are available ready-knotted. This type of bowtie simply clips onto the shirt collar. It may have a clip which is used to clip it onto the shirt collar opening. Some have a cloth strip that clips at the back of the shirt collar.

Bow ties are versatile and easy to wear (for more information, visit It does not require complicated knotting and if you have no wish to knot your bowtie, you can obtain a ready-knotted version.

Camping? You Don’t Have To Rough It

My buddies and I work hard and play hard.

We all work for the same company and after being in each other’s faces all week we can’t wait to do the same thing all through the weekend. The three of us are closer than brothers and spend a lot of time outdoors.

If you had to pick which one of us is the most adventurous I think it would be me, although I known Troy and Scott would say its them.

One of our favourite outdoor activities is camping.

rio singleWe load up the four-by-four and drive somewhere off the beaten track to find a fishing hole somewhere. We’ll spend the day dipping our fishing lines and after a hearty campfire meal we’ll settle down for the night.

We used to use tents until one trip I brought Camping Hammocks.

The guys were up for trying something different so we strung them up in some trees and draped tarps up where we could for rain shelter.

The lightweight nylon construction means they take up far less room than our tents used to and nobody has complained about a bad sleep in the woods.

The lapping sound of the lake combined with the rocking motion of the Camping Hammock puts me to sleep quickly each time. I also like that we aren’t sleeping on the cold, hard ground which sometimes make me want to sleep in the truck instead.

I got the guys to try hammocks as a test and they liked them so much we haven’t pitched a tent since.

Burlesque Costumes: Sassy or Tawdry?

Burlesque costumes are a killer outfit to keep hidden away in your wardrobe for those “special” occasions, but sometimes there is a fine line between being sexy and being tawdry. Often this comes down to the quality of the burlesque outfit. Because of the rise in popularity of the burlesque costume since the release of the movie Moulin Rouge, designers and manufacturers all over the world popped up selling anything from the most intricate and detailed burlesque costumes you can imagine, to cheap and nasty outfits that look good on a model in a photo online, but don’t look so good when it finally arrives and is less than flattering.

The key here is to look for reputation, and understand that usually you get what you pay for. Also, study the photos of the outfits, as sometimes a cursory look is not enough to gauge the quality, whereas upon closer inspection of the detailing, you can still see some quality issue in the burlesque outfit, no matter how good the photographer or photoshopping.

Evening Dresses – Friend Or Foe?

Whenever I shop for evening dresses, I can’t help but get the feeling that someone out there doesn’t like me. I’m sure you know the feeling. You walk into a department store or a local boutique, excited about the idea of finally having a reason to dress up to the nines and look fabulous, only to find that in their “very” limited range, they don’t have the style you like in the size you want, or vice versa.

This is why shopping online for dresses like these has become so popular. Yes, there are other concerns like “can I trust the site”, or “what if it arrives and it doesn’t look good on me”, but most online stores these days have pretty good returns/exchange policies, as well as security. Once you’ve found a trustworthy store, you can get down to the good stuff. Firstly, you can usually immediately filter out anything that is not in your size, which is a good thing, because then you can’t be tempted by dresses that you can’t wear anyway. Secondly, as there are plenty of stores that deal almost exclusively with formal or evening dresses, there’ usually a much wider range. Problem solved? Most definitely!

Weddings: What To Wear

It’s not always easy to figure out what to wear to a wedding, as different weddings have different themes and expectations. For the men though, it’s pretty easy. A suit and tie or bow tie, go easy on the jewellery (mens wedding rings are okay of course), and a fedora hat is fine too if it’s sunny outside, but leave the top hat to the chauffeur.

Women of course are a bit trickier. If you are in the party, then you’ll usually be told what bridesmaid dresses are appropriate by the bride (cocktail dresses are in vogue right now), and often match the flower girl dresses being used as well. For the groom’s new mother in law, finding mother of the bride dresses that suit can be a challenge, but you can now look online for a wider variety.

If you are ever in doubt, ask the bride what would be appropriate. It’s her day, and she’s the only one that matters!

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Cocktail Dress

Women are often daunted when it comes to picking the right cocktail dress. You can spend hours visiting the dressing room in your local department store, trying on hundreds of dresses in a poor attempt at choosing one that vaguely resembles a style that you saw a celeb wearing on the red carpet. Fear not however, as you’re not alone. With a few simple tips and tricks you can find the right dress in minutes and wow the crowd with your choice.
The key is to focus on your assets. Halter dresses are great to show off your neck, while V-neck and scoop neck cocktail dresses are a good choice if you want to flaunt your bust.

Choose a form-fitting cocktail dress to show off your narrow hips. Most form-fitting dresses will actually help create the illusion of a bigger bust because they tend to create an hourglass figure.

When it comes to legs choose a high-low hem cocktail dress. These have been around for quite a while in the fashion industry and are perfect for displaying your shapely pins in all their glory, without seeming too revealing.
Whichever style of dress you go for though, remember that your best asset is exactly that for a reason. If you don’t know what you best asset is, or you think you don’t have one, why not ask your friends and family. If you’re too shy about asking them directly, then choose a more indirect method like asking them what dress looks good on you.

Dressing Appropriately For Fine Dining

We’re all used to heading out to a local restaurant and wearing “neat casual”, but what are the rules of etiquette when going to a classier restaurant? Fine dining shouldn’t be something to panic about, but rather an event to look forward to. Wearing a chic evening dress or formal dress is appropriate, although you can get away with formal maxi dresses as well, but leave the overt flower print party dresses in the cupboard! While you can pull out your favourite little black dress, make sure it is appropriate for the evening, and if you’re going to wear a clingy dress, wear a g-string as well.

As for headwear, leave your fascinators at home, as headwear is not appropriate in any fine dining situation. If you have spent the day at the races, it’s important that you have a hat box or some other container that you can place your fascinator in so that it will be protected. Likewise, a heavy shawl or scarf is also not appropriate, but a light silk scarf is okay.

Jackets are also fine, but should be taken off when being seated (if you are with a gentleman he should do this for you). Most importantly though, make sure you’re comfortable!

Onesies For Adults – The Popular Designs

Adult onesies are actually not new. They were popular during the late 1900s, but were not called a onesie. It was called a jumpsuit because at the time onesies were the outfits babies wore. The adult version of this baby outfit has become popular in recent years and is now available in different styles, fabric, colours and designs.

You can choose from a range of animal designs, with feet and with or without a hood. Onesies for adults were originally made with comfort in mind and this is the main reason for its popularity. The warmth and comfort that it offers has made it suitable to be worn as pyjamas.

Onesies as pyjamas are the ideal choice. Most people want the most comfortable clothing to sleep in. During winter you need something warm to sleep in and often socks are not the answer. They generally get lost somewhere in the bed during the night. Onesies with feet are the ideal outfits for this purpose.

Onesies for adults are available in a host of different fabrics. You can opt for cotton, jersey or fleece. The fabric of your choice will depend on the season you need it for. The warmer jersey and fleece are ideal for those cold wintry nights, whereas the cotton version or thinner jersey material are ideal for the summery months.

As you can see, onesies for adults are not only meant for cold weather. You can wear it in any climate and remain comfortable.