The Perfect Halloween Costume

June 19th, 2014

The Perfect Halloween CostumeSo last Halloween I was invited to this party by a guy that I really liked. It was a costume party so I had to figure out what to go as but I was drawing a complete blank. I didn’t want to go as something scary like a ghost or a zombie or something because that is not very attractive at all. I couldn’t go wearing a sexy costume like a kitty body suit or a playboy bunny because that is way too obvious and I wasn’t sure if he was into me. I had to really think of what do to for this party. It was really important to me that I pick the right thing. But what was the right thing?

Finally it hit me. I went out and I bought this dress, a dress that looked really old and beautiful like the ones that women used to wear hundreds of years ago. It was one of those corset dresses with great cleavage and a nice waistline. It was this great fabric too, so soft and flowing. It was this dark pink like people wore a lot in Victorian times. I even did my hair up in curls like they used to wear it. The only problem was that even with the dramatic make up something still seemed to be missing from the whole outfit. So I went out and bought a mask. It was pink and covered the area around my eyes and made the outfit perfect.


May 5th, 2014

It wasn’t a big job I thought until I got to the job site. There was no way they were going to get that air conditioning unit on the roof of that building without using a crane.

I can’t believe they thought they could move it up alongside the building with winches and rope.

So I offered to look into the renting of a crane for the job. It took a bit more work than I expected, but the crane hire company was great.

They sent over the forms I needed to fill out and asked me a lot of questions over the phone about ‘the lift’ so they could get us the right tool for the job.

They needed to know such things as how heavy the load was and how close to the building they could get with the crane. I was more worried about if they were expecting me to operate the crane or not as I had limited experience on that sort of machinery. It turns out that they rented cranes in one of two ways: as just the crane itself, or with an operator plus any additional help if needed. I had a crew working on site, so we just needed the crane and an operator.

Once they arrived and gave us all a safety talk we were off and the lift was completed in such a short period of time the crew finished the job by the time the crane arrived back at the equipment rental site!

I Have Rims for Sale!

May 4th, 2014

Add a touch of style to your car or truck with rims whether chrome plated, steel , aluminum or platinum  or  painted black other colors  rims can make a car outstanding  with spoilers and spinners according to driver requirements.

The width of the rim controls the balance of the vehicle and I always when I have rims for sale that the width of the rim controls the action and balance of the tire and dictates whether the vehicle will drive in a smooth manner of be unbalanced and jerky in its action. I advise that fitting the correct rim for the tire is a key element in safe driving as well as driver comfort because a correctly fitted rim and tire avoids excessive vibration.

There is an enormous variety of alloy wheel rims to choose from, usually chrome or steel and aluminum. The styles are attractive with any number of variations and spinners to add style and presence to your car as well as stability and great road performance and road holding capabilities as you turn corners. If you need to buy rims and tires together (which experts advise to ensure proper balancing of the four wheels) I can offer a great deal on discounted tires and even offer free shipping to your home address.

Don’t delay I have the full range of rims for sale from the leading manufacturers  available now for you to choose from to make your car extra special and eye catching.

Getting Rid of a Shipping Container

May 3rd, 2014

Getting Rid of a Shipping ContainerA few years ago, my husband and I bought a shipping container to use as storage for our small business. It worked great but when we moved our business to a bigger location we didn’t need it anymore and I was worried about what we would do with it.

It turns out, there are several options when it comes to selling a shipping container. There are many small businesses, like ours, that use them for secure storage (really, it’s almost impossible to break into a shipping container). Other private individuals buy them and modify them. Turning them into small homes, studios, or offices.

There are also companies that specialize in buying used shipping containers. They repair the containers, then sell or lease them to large cargo companies.

The first thing I had to do, to get the shipping container ready for sale, was to clean it out entirely. This is because shipping containers are heavy and most people will not buy them unless they are empty. We had put up installation in the container, to protect against the weather but it was easy to take out.

Next, I took several pictures of the container, both inside and out. Rust is the biggest enemy of shipping containers but luckily, our container had a factory paint job so we didn’t have any rust spots. I also included pictures of the top of the container.

I sent all the pictures to businesses in my area that might need storage as well as to two companies who purchased used containers. In the end, we sold the container to one of the companies for a very reasonable price. It was worth going with the company because they arranged to transport the container which was nice.

Advertising My Food Truck for Sale

May 1st, 2014

Advertising My Food Truck for SaleI have been thinking about advertising my food truck for sale. It has been a great ride- I mean the business has been great AND the food truck is an awesome moving business mobile. I am thinking of changing from being a mobile restaurant to being a brick and mortar kind of restaurant. I have a great opportunity to purchase a building in a great location and open a stationary restaurant.

To help fund this new venture, I will need to sell my food truck. I have a lot of my capital tied up in the food truck. By selling my food truck, I will be able to free up that capital to purchase the building and the necessary supplies to begin this new dream. But the food truck is a great business. It is very profitable and we have a great customer base. The right owner could just continue on the same path I have been traveling with the food truck business. I am even willing to give you a little advice when I hand over the keys.

I think I will begin advertising my food truck for sale within a very short time frame. I don’t think it will take long to sell my food truck once it is advertised. I know a lot of people dream of owning this type of business and having done it, I know exactly why that is. Hopefully everything works out for me and the person who is lucky enough to buy my food truck.

Hot Pink, Black Racing Stripes = First Place

April 30th, 2014

I can’t start this off any other way then by telling you how excited I am!  My mother is taking me out tomorrow and we are going to be buying a go kart.  I’ve been driving go karts for 3 years now and never before been able to pick out the one I wanted and tomorrow I get to pick!  To some it’s about colors, but they can always be fixed up to individualize it to the driver.

I’ve been getting teased saying that because I’m a girl, I’m probably going to be coming home with a pink one with cat decals all over it.  Well, to be honest, I think I will come home with a pink one, but a hot pink one with black racing stripes.  My mother said that if we can’t find one that going to the only store in town that sells them isn’t our only option.  We can take a weekend and go to the city and look around, or even order one if we have to.  She wants me to be happy with it for a long time, and said we’re not going to just settle.

I never knew that I’d be so excited when it came time to buying a go kart.  I do know what I like and I want people to see me coming from a mile away before I pass them because I can tell you this for sure that the go kart I do get is definitely going to have a little kick to it!

I’ve bought a hedgehog!

April 30th, 2014

I’ve bought a hedgehog!I’ve  just  bought a hedgehog. I must say I never thought I would ever buy a small exotic pet like this but I and my wife were looking for something for the kids to grow up with as a pet that wouldn’t be too much trouble and would add something to their lives. I brought the hedgehog back in his cage and the breeder gave be a supply of feed and bedding and a lot of advice on how to care for the hedgehog. There was a booklet and even some toys for our new little friend.

I thought that $150 was a lot to pay for the little creature but the  breeder was very helpful and I know that if I need advice in the future he will always be there to help. He also has a great website and the blog has a lot of information and I think it’s also good to hear the experiences of other hedgehog owners who write in.

I had no idea that there were so many different kinds of hedgehogs with all the different kinds of colors, ours is brown. The children read story books with hedgehog characters and I’m looking for DVDs with hedgehog cartoons. I think it’s great that the kids take an interest in nature and the world around them and  our new found hedgehog  is part of this and we are really happy he is becoming part of our daily lives. It was great bringing him home.


April 28th, 2014

My husband and I live in the countryside, in a community with 40 houses, most of which have residents only during the summer months, when the weather is nice, and occasionally on the weekends. We are retired, so we don’t mind the peace and quiet of this place, actually this is one of the reasons why we chose it. When we bought this house, we knew that we would have to entertain each other, but after a while I took up hobbies of my own, whereas my husband was spending most of his time watching TV. When our children were visiting us, they said that they had a surprise for him, which was quite intriguing, as I knew that they have been planning something for months, worried, that we were too – bored, as they said it. In fact, they brought us a video game – they found a company had brand new pinball machines for sale and got one for our house.

At first I wasn’t too happy with it, as it didn’t quite fit into our solitary lifestyle, but after a while I realized the beauty of it- only after I tried to play a game. It is fascinating how entertaining pinball can be! Time passes by and you are left with positive emotions. It is definitely better than watching TV or trying to learn how to use the modern technology that we see our children with all the time. What is more, our grandchildren now visit us more often, as we let them play as well.

Buying a Caravan Park for a Career

April 27th, 2014

Buying a Caravan Park for a CareerI recently lost my job in a rather large corporation. The company downsized because of the current economic climate. I received a decent severance package and ecided that maybe this was my chance to change my whole life. I am a little tired of the big city rat race lifestyle. I wanted more of a country slow paced life for a change and I didn’t want to answer to anyone if I decided I needed to take the day off just for the sake of my own sanity. I looked at several different options and the one I settled on was purchasing a caravan park.

The caravan park is open eight months a year, but it has a cottage on the premises that I can live in all year long as the caretaker. I want have really downsized my life to do this, but I don’t think I am going to regret a single moment of my new life in a caravan park.

I have big plans for my caravan park. One of the first things I plan to tackle is the landscaping around the park. I know that just by making the grounds a little more attractive I can attract more clients to use the park. People like to be surrounded by beauty and that is what I plan to give them. I was sure to purchase a caravan park that had a year round residence that would allow me a place to live year round even though the park is only open eight months a year.

Finding the Perfect Ring: Men’s Wedding Bands

April 27th, 2014

I can remember spending so much time preparing for my wedding that I don’t even remember how I ended up managing it all. While I can certainly remember my wedding day, the time leading up to it is nothing more than a blur. There is one thing that I remember however that I wish I would have spent more time on and paid more attention too; finding the right men’s wedding bands.

For some reason men’s wedding bands always get glossed over as almost an afterthought. I’m not sure when this tradition began but for some reason the brides ring always seems to be the focus. While this does make sense since there are basically an endless number of combinations of metals, stones and styles to choose from, a band for the groom is still an important step and decision to make.

I started with setting out a budget to stick with. I didn’t want to begin shopping for things that I couldn’t even afford so I set a price and made sure not to even look at rings that were out of my price range. This helped a great deal in that I wasn’t tempted to splurge for the fanciest ring but also was able to get something that I wanted. I made a point to make sure to find something that matched my personality and style so that I could have something that would be timeless and last as long as I needed.

Office Mardi Gras Party

April 26th, 2014

Office Mardi Gras PartyMy office was going to have a little Mardi Gras celebration at lunch. We don’t live anywhere near New Orleans but we thought it would be a fun thing to do. We passed out beads for employees to wear, put up Mardi Gras decorations and streamers in a conference room and ordered a King cake from the bakery.

I thought it would be fun to wear a masquerade mask to our luncheon. I wasn’t the only one because when I showed up, almost everyone was wearing a mask. There were many different types of mask: domino masks, glittery ones, one had peacock feathers, and several lacy type mask. All of us chose plastic masks that could be found at any party supply store. Even though they were plastic, the detail and different styles of masks was really amazing. We were all able to reflect our own personalities with the masquerade masks. Most of us chose masks in purple, green, and gold color combinations—the traditional Mardi Gras colors. And many of us had masks that were attached to a little wooden dowel so they could be held by hand. These mask were easier to use because they wouldn’t muss anyone’s makeup and it was easier to eat with the masks off.

It was fun to see all of my coworkers get into the spirit of our Mardi Gras celebration. Our office is hectic and the party lifted morale and allowed us to socialize with each other, something we never do. It was such a success we’ve already decided to do it again next year.

A Campground As An Investment

April 5th, 2014

Some friends and I wanted to invest our money into a business. We didn’t have a lot of money individually, put pulled together, we thought we could buy a fairly good size and profitable business. What we didn’t expect was to buy a campground.

When we saw a campground for sale in our area, at first we dismissed it. We had nothing against camping but it seemed like the sort of thing that would require more work and time than we wanted to put into it. Plus, it was a large campground and we thought it would be out of our price range. I’m so glad one of my friends took it upon himself to investigate the campground, because it turns out, not only was it in good condition and profitable, but it was well within our price range. Although those things made the campground interesting to us, it still didn’t solve the dilemma of who would run the campground. All of us had jobs and no real experience running a campground but we knew it would need a caretaker who could be there 24/7.

When the seller found out about our reservations, he had the perfect solution. It turns out for several years he had been using a handy-man who seemed to really like the campground but was not able to afford to buy it. After speaking with the handy-man, my friends and I were able to hire him as the full-time campground manager in exchange for letting him live in the old owner’s home and a small salary.

The campground has been a great investment and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an investment property. In a few years, with the profits we’ve made we plan to invest in another campground.


May 4th, 2014

BUDDY HELPED ME FIND A LAWYERWhen I was going through a divorce I needed a lawyer. I was pretty new to this and had no idea what I was doing so I first went to the phone book. I saw a long list of lawyers with all kinds of qualifications and specialties and got very confused.

That was when my buddy John came to the rescue.
He’s never been divorced, but he knew what I was going through because his sister was dealing with a situation that required a family lawyer.

I had no idea there was such a thing. I thought a lawyer was a lawyer but John showed me what I needed to know to pick the right one to handle my divorce.

Lucky for me Tanya and I were still on speaking terms and we had both agreed to try to not make this difficult or expensive and with John’s help we were able to do that.

He suggested I ask a few key questions before choosing a family lawyer. They were pretty simple, common sense questions such as finding out how much of the lawyer’s practice involved family law and how many years had they been practicing it. John said that could weed out one that doesn’t spend much time on divorces. It made sense to me to have a lawyer that knew a lot about what we were going through and could offer me some good advice.

John’s questions helped me find the right lawyer who settled our divorce quickly and affordably.